Asha Tobing, is an upcycler, clothing maker, artist, and creator, who resides near the sea and redwoods of Santa Cruz, California. Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, of Indonesian and Dutch heritage, she has also lived or spent significant time in Indonesia, Holland, France, Maryland, Washington, DC, Minneapolis and San Francisco. She derives her design approach from a culmination of life experiences, people, places, and rich cultural exposure.

When Asha sits at the crafting table, she embodies a creative vibration and spirit of genuine authenticity, reclaiming a freedom of expression and new story, in a fresh, intentional and whimsical fashion. Each handmade piece comes together from her selection of salvaged fabrics and collected remnants, often assorted vintage and textiles from around the world, creating a one-of-a-kind look and feel for adults and children alike.

“Given the overabundance of materials already in existence, much of which gets thrown out, I find upcycling and eco-fashion to be a creative avenue and means to offset climate impact and raise environmental awareness around textile waste accumulating in landfills.”

When Asha is not sewing custom pieces or vending on location, she can be found hiking, walking along the coast at sunrise, practicing yoga, or adventuring and growing alongside her two beloved boys, Jax and MaZen – her main inspirations.